United In Recovery - 2013

Since 2009, STEP Industries and The Mooring Programs have honored National Recovery Month by hosting their annual United in Recovery fundraising event. On September 27, 2013, all who attended enjoyed a night of entertainment with a very poignant message. Attendees found fellowship, yummy desserts, a wide variety of silent auction items, a terrific performance by our guest musician,Tim Hockenberry from America's Got Talent and most of all, a focused and inspiring evening led by our emcee, Maureen Jorgenson. Maureen helped us all appreciate the tragedy of those not able to get into recovery as well as the joy that comes for those who do find recovery from addiction.

We truly hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did, and that it somehow left you "changed" as Maureen promised at the opening of her remarks.

This we know, STEP Industries and The Mooring Programs were "changed", thanks to your generosity which helped us raise over $55,000. Those dollars will go a long way in helping us continue with our collective missions of providing treatment and vocational training for addicts wanting to change and find recovery.

We have already begun planning next year's event. If you were touched and somehow your thinking about recovery was "changed", please consider joining us next September. Better yet, besides yourself, bring two more people with you!

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In Your Words...

City of Appleton Common Council
October 2, 2013

Last week I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of people gathered for United in Recovery, a benefit and celebration event for Step Industries and The Mooring Programs. These organizations are dedicated to saving those who have fallen to addiction…those among us who have discovered the very darkest places a soul can go.

The event at the James W. Perry Hall at UW Fox Valley was pretty well attended-although next year's event surely would welcome the attendance of all of us here!

There was entertainment by a talented, nationally recognized musician, himself an addict in recovery. There was a silent auction, a 50-50 raffle, great coffee and desserts.And there was the humbling, hopeful partnership of people who fight addiction every single day…the mystified sadness of people who have endured the incomprehensible loss of a loved one to a life of all-consuming, mortal addiction…there were people who believe that by supporting Step Industries or the Mooring programs, they are joined in the brutal battle with a demon that claims so many…so very many…in our community.

Addiction is a desperate, gritty and fragile battle. I marvel at the ones who find the will to put up a fight. I admire the ones who succeed in going toe to toe with their addiction, who know that battling to a draw is the best that can be hoped for, and that the war against their addictions starts fresh in the morning…every morning.

But I am thankful--and we as a community should be immensely grateful-- for those who travelled through the dark places and have turned back toward the darkness, with their hands out, to help lead others through that paralyzing horror.

The people who lead…who work through and with … Step Industries and The Mooring programs are such people. It takes a special courage, a warrior's heart.

That we have such people in our community is a reason to be thankful we live in the Fox Cities.

Jeffrey M. Jirschele
Alderman, District 15
Appleton, WI

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From Tim Hockenberry...

You guys are the BEST!!!!!


Thank you so so so much for such a wonderful opportunity to be of service and to see what great work you guys are doing. You are a breath of fresh air in this greedy "for-profit" world of health care. I have been bragging about all of you ever since I left! You are a great example to the world of recovery and I consider you my friends now! I hope your week is full of good things and I can't wait to see you again!

One Love...No Gods,

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