United In Recovery

Each September, STEP Industries and Mooring Programs host a joint fundraiser in honor of National Recovery Month. Beyond raising funds, however, this event is intended to help raise awareness of the joy of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Most often, the stories associated with addiction are not stories about strength, hope, and recovery. Rather, stories associated with addiction are stories related to the exact opposite: weakness, despair, and loss. Those losses include: loss of family and friends, loss of jobs and materials, loss of driver's licenses, loss of self-respect and self-care, and, far too often, loss of life itself. Unfortunately, those are the stories we read in local newspapers and see on the evening news. With all the negativity associated with addiction and its related consequences, it makes sense that there is a tremendous amount of shame, embarrassment, and stigma associated with addiction to mood altering chemicals. If all we hear, though, are the stories of loss, then the picture is incomplete and only half-accurate. There are plenty of stories to be told and heard about strength, hope and recovery from addiction. Stories of redemption and courage. Stories of getting back up and learning how to meet life on life's terms without the use of drugs and alcohol. United in Recovery aims to do just that-to highlight and celebrate the fruits of recovery.

The 2016 United in Recovery event was celebrated on September 30. To join our mailing list, complete this contact form.

A few inspirational stories



Through the years...

Our first annual "awareness raising event" was in 2009. "Step-It-Up" was a day long experience of health and wellness in addition to awareness of the joy of recovery. Beginning in 2011, "United in Recovery" took it's place and is here to stay.

Jamie and Michelle