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Help for the Referring Professional

We would like to hear from you. Whether you have a referral, or simply want more information, please take the opportunity to connect with us.

Communication with providers is important, so prospective patients are asked for the name of the provider who referred them and whether they have been in contact with that provider. Upon admission, this is requested again and a release of information is offered so we may communicate with the provider.

From Our Medical Director

Dear Referring Professional,

I've had the pleasure and the privilege of serving as the Medical Director for The Mooring Programs since 2007. Throughout my involvement, I have witnessed high quality, professional client care provided through evidence based approaches and curriculum. In order to offer a team environment, we actively work to create and maintain a collaborative approach with other health professionals. Our staff combine guidance, compassion, resolve and fun very effectively - interacting wth clients in a respectful and dignified manner. The overall model is "relationship first, intervention second." This allows us to develop an individual treatment plan that meets the unique needs of your clients. Clients at The Mooring Programs receive excellent care from a team of knowledgeable, respected and caring professionals.

If you have a client who is in need of alcohol or drug treatment, I would highly recommend The Mooring Programs.


John Buttita, MD
Medical Director
The Mooring Programs, Inc.