two guiding lights

What is The Mooring Programs?

"Mooring" is a boating term.

  1. The act of making fast a vessel, as by an anchor.
  2. A place or structure to which a vessel can be moored.
  3. Elements providing stability or security.

For those struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, or other chemical dependency disorders, life often feels like a boat adrift in a storm - battered and struggling to find a safe port.

The Mooring Programs, Inc. is that safe port.

Established in 1975 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, The Mooring Programs, Inc., which includes Mooring House for men and Casa Clare for women, are state licensed, AODA certified residential facilities that provide individualized comprehensive treatment of alcohol, drug and chemical dependency. At The Mooring Programs, Inc., we believe in a holistic approach: We treat lives, not simply addictions.

We work with individuals to provide the treatment needed to help them recover their dignity and sense of self; develop self-control and healthy ways of dealing with everyday life; and ultimately re-embark on life's journey with skills that will allow them to navigate to any shore.

Come to The Mooring Programs and we'll help you turn today's struggles into tomorrow's strengths.